How It Works


Passport Rules


You must present the passport booklet, in its entirety, at the time of purchase to receive the offer listed on the page: NO INDIVIDUAL PAGES, COPIES OF PAGES, OR RIPPED OUT PAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED AS VALID. Only one passport will be accepted per visit.


The offer will be signed or stamped in the restaurant's offer box at the time of your visit: Each offer may only be used once, unless otherwise specified by the retailer. Once the offer is signed or stamped, the offer page is considered redeemed and may not be used again.


Passport offers are valid through June 30, 2021: The entire passport booklet expires after this date and may not be honored by the participating retailers.


All buy one, get one offers: entitle the bearer to receive a specified item of equal or lesser value than the purchased item. The “buy one” portion is automatically applied to the more expensive item.


The offers featured in this passport may not be combined with other offers or discounts: Passport offers are also not valid during major holidays, without prior explicit approval of the retailer. Please call retailers in advance if you have questions about limitations or exclusions.


Some retailers may list more than one location: In this case, the offer can be used at any of the listed locations but can only be used ONCE. After the offer on that page is redeemed, the deal is no longer valid for further redemption. If a retailer has an additional location that is NOT listed on the page, that branch is not formally participating and is not obligated to honor the promotion. Please call the retailer ahead of time if you have any questions.


Treat this as cash: The Passport and Showcase Publishing LLC are not responsible for any loss or theft of this booklet, nor are they responsible for any unsatisfactory experience, illness, or injury that occurs at or on the way to any of the businesses listed in the booklet. Use of this book constitutes your acceptance of a release of any and all liability from the publisher and its affiliates.