9 ways to support local restaurants during Covid-19

It's a grim situation for family-owned restaurants right now. And now that many counties have moved into level red, restaurants are having to become even more creative than ever... just to survive.

Many of us are left wondering how we can help.

The Holiday Challenge

Over the next 3 weeks, let's challenge ourselves to do as many of these ideas as possible to help keep our local eateries open:

  • Date Night. Venture out with your honey for dinner at one of the many local eateries who transformed their patios with heated tents, igloos & domes (don't forget to bring your passport!)

  • Curbside pickup - Place an order with the restaurant directly and tell them you have a passport deal to redeem.

  • Try to avoid 3rd party delivery services whenever possible - our restaurants get crushed on delivery fees.

  • Buy gift cards & dining bonds from as many of your favorite restaurants as possible - take your passport with you and see if they'll give you a deal. Some restaurants, for example, will offer a dining bond for $75 today and let you redeem it for a $100 meal at a later date.

  • Consider feeding law enforcement, nurses and/or frontline health care workers... you'll be supporting our restaurants, too!

  • Social media reviews are an easy (and free) way to lift up local restaurants. They need all the positive vibes they can get right now. Take pictures of your meal (and don't forget to include your passport in the photos!)

Business Owners

Is your business doing well despite the pandemic? Here are 3 ways you can support BOTH your employees and local restaurants:

  • Surprise your hard-working employees with lunch - call the restaurant(s) directly and ask if they'll deliver to your employees working from home.

  • Form a partnership with local restaurants - ask them for a special code your employees can use to get, say, 10% off when they eat at their restaurants

  • Reward your top performers with gift cards

Have more ideas on how we can come together to support local restaurants? Please share you comments and help get the message out by sharing this article with friends & family.

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