In April 2020, in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, Rex & Kristin Grayner, parents of 4th and 9th grade students, were compelled to do something positive to impact their beloved community. They decided to focus their attention on local restaurant owners, many of whom were on the brink of losing their businesses.

In response, Rex & Kristin came up with a simple but powerful “restaurant passport” that featured 20 local eateries and tons of value for local patrons. They funded and published this booklet entirely on their own. They charged restaurant owners nothing to be featured in it. They sold their passports online and displayed them inside the participating restaurants.

And then they funneled 100% of the profits back into the community to help as many struggling businesses as possible.

This simple but powerful little booklet gained immediate attention throughout the community. In the first 2 months alone, nearly 1,000 passports were distributed, and thousands of dollars were generated for local business owners in the community.

Interestingly, local schools began reaching out to see if these booklets could be made available as a way to help parents raise money for their kids’ programs and sports teams.

And that is how the “restaurant passport” fundraising opportunity was born.

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